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Smart Alarm Clock

1.26 usd

Smart Alarm Clock monitors your sleep cycles and wakes you up at the right time based on the scientifically proven sleep cycles concept. Amazing collection of wake-up tunes included!Sleep well and wake up refreshed and energetic!
How does it work? During the night we go through several sleep cycles: from light to deep stages. In each of these stages we behave differently: toss and torn in bed, mutter or stay quiet. The sensors in your Android device detect all the movements, the app figures out which stage of sleep you are in and wakes you up during the lightest sleep stage within the time range you choose. Your body is naturally prepared for awakening, and your day starts perfectly.
With Smart Alarm Clock you enjoy the following features:
*Smart Alarm that chooses the optimal moment to wake you up*Detailed statistics of your sleeping patterns organized into neat charts*Accurate weather forecast to get you ready for the day*Recording of bedroom sounds (those longer than 5 second) so that you finally find out whether you are a noisy sleeper* The collection of 100+ wake-up and drift-off tunes which is the best one you’ve ever seen!Important: charge your phone while sleeping!Install Smart Alarm Clock to make sure you start your morning at the perfect moment. A really smart app for your phone or tablet!